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About the Association

2018 EEHDA Officers and Board Members

President - Jeff Patterson

Vice President Larry Wygant

Treasurer - Floyd Pollock

Secretary Jill Peveto

Past President Marsha Canright

One Year Board Members
Beth DeKeyser,  Ronna Stults, Tracy Tatum

Two Year Board Members
Laura Dawson, Rita Forness, Carol Gilman, Jerry Hite, Stephanie Lang, Rebecca Walker

The East End Historical District Association (EEHDA) was formed in 1974 to preserve and maintain the heritage and livability of the East End Neighborhood. Though historical preservation is an important goal of the EEHDA, an equally important goal is to provide a high quality of life for all residents regardless of age, ethnic background, and interest in historical preservation or EEHDA membership. For example the block parties are open to the public, with nonmembers as well as people living outside the east end encouraged to attend. The EEHDA seeks to accomplish this goal by working closely with city agencies, including the Galveston Police Department, City Council and the Landmark Commission, as well as surrounding historic neighborhoods.

Membership in EEHDA is open to anyone, whether or not they reside within the boundaries of the East End Historic District. Meetings are held at the cottage at 1501 Postoffice Street at 6:00 pm on the first Thursday of each month.

Examples of EEHDA functions include a Victorian Christmas Homes Tour, Christmas Lights Contest, publication of the East End Homes Walking Tour brochure, Block Parties for the community and visitors, Casino Night, maintaining Darragh Park, Alderdice Park and The Cottage and periodic neighborhood clean-ups.

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