Galveston Texas
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About the District


The East End Historical District is comprised of over 50 city blocks bounded on the south by Broadway, the east by 10th Street, the north by Mechanic Avenue and the west by 19th Street. The District has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 and has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

Take a few minutes to walk the tree lined streets of the District and experience the charms of Galveston's "Gilded Age" of charm. Hear the clip-clop of a horse drawn carriage and note the architectural details of the fine homes...a towering pillar, shadowed silhouettes of ornate carvings, a splash of stained glass in a window, welcoming porches or a bit of wrought iron fencing.

The architecture of the East End Historical District reflects a variety of styles and periods, the earliest being examples of Greek Revival style built during the 1850's. Early residents represented an economic and social cross-section of the community, also expressed in the dwellings which range from small, simple cottages to large, elaborate houses.

Its rugged old homes, having withstood the test of time and the elements, now respond miraculously to the face lifting efforts of the carpenter and painter. In just a few years this area has turned from a progressively bleak pattern of decay into a thriving, livable neighborhood enjoying increased property values and desirability. Besides its lovely homes, the area offers other advantages for it's resident...a cultural and ethnic mix that enriches the quality of life, several fine schools to serve the young residents as well as close proximity to Galveston's business district, University of Texas Medical Branch, and the Historic Strand District.

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